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Project Description

MForm is a set of webcontrols that can be used to create, modify and view typed Xml data.

Mform allows generating fully functional web forms from Xml Schema, WSDL or objects in a matter of seconds with the use of a designer, preserving both the structure and data restrictions

Introduction to MForm

A detailed introductory article about the way MForm webcontrols can be used to accelerate web forms creation can be found at

Release plans

I decided to stop development of MForm. This technology is based on ASP.NET Forms which seems to fade away. If you still want to do similar stuff that MForm made a little simpler, I would all advise you to take a look at Knockout.Js, a fantastic javascript MVVM framework which makes is super easy to bind html forms with complex objects.

Latest source code

If you want to download the latest source code, download using svn client of your choice.
If you download the latest source code using the change set download button, the projects will be missing some folders, as this bundled version does not copy svn:externals in appropriate places.

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